Review: Wayfarer – Old Souls

Wayfarer - Old Souls

Atmospheric black metal wanderers, Wayfarer, embark on a new journey with Old Souls. These Rocky Mountain nomads seek an ancient flame. It flickers atop scorched mountains, weathered by sand and time. Once a lush landscape inhabited by an old civilization, now an abandoned monument of unspeakable secrets. Between Wayfarer and their destination lies a vast expanse. To get there, they must traverse planes of dust. They must climb paths less traveled and endure nature’s harsh elements. Through this trek, Wayfarer manages to forge a remarkable tale across unknown lands.

Surrounding the flame are four pillars. Each represent one lengthy song on Old Souls. These towers are heavy as stone, constructed of atmosphere and chiseled with some beautiful textures. They watch over the flickering light. War drum beats on opener “Ever Climbing” march into a doomy riff. Tremolo guitar pours through its structure as gargantuan growls bellow at the mountains lying ahead. Wisps of post-metal offer a melodic breeze. It’s a blueprint for the other monoliths, but each are inscribed with unique characteristics. Bass gently etches the grooves for a folk-tinged acoustic passage in “Old Souls’ New Dawn”. Its melody, serene, ruptures into a crescendo. “Deathless Tundra” is a wasteland of black metal. Lethargic, it awakens from its slumber and howls into a maelstrom of drum blasts and dissonant riffs.

Three walls stand adjacent between the pillars. They are Old Souls’ transient songs; they protect the glow. Of them, “The Dust Lakes” is a moment of introspect. The slow burn amalgamation of drums and guitars broods with loneliness. Later joined by the bass, the song rolls into a meditative post-metal trance. It’s a waft of melancholy as Wayfarer nears the summit. At the mountain’s peak, they satisfy their unquenchable thirst. The journey ends. Wayfarer finds themselves hardened, more mature from their endeavor. Standing beside the fire on the mountain, they look upon the path that led them to the old souls, but all was lost in aimless chaos.

Score: 8.5 / 10.0

Listen to “All Lost in Aimless Chaos” above; purchase Old Souls here.

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