A. Mikonmäki

A. Mikonmäki is: Astrum Malum, Manharana, Vinoristi

From: Helsinki, Finland

Genre: Astrum Malum (Atmospheric blackened doom)
Manharana (Ethnic neoclassical death metal)
Vinoristi (Crust)

Sounds like: See lists below.

Top Records/Artists


1. Melvins – Houdini

The riffs and grooves on this album are the principles (besides the five first Black Sabbath albums) of the styles also called Doom or Sludge, when it comes to my projects I personally like to put under those two labels.

2. Samael – Blood Ritual

Possibly the first Black Metal album I ever heard in the early nineties. The Doomy minimalism and eerie sinister atmosphere of this album continues to give chills down my spine today.

3. Godflesh – Streetcleaner

If someone finds Industrial atmospheres in the music of Astrum Malum, they are most likely because of this album. Besides being a pioneering work of art, still holds as strong as it did in the nineties.

4. Dead Can Dance – Spleen And Ideal

The reason I like to use Neoclassical elements in most of the music I do (of various styles), especially with programmed percussions, is because of the extremely deep impact I got from the first DCD-albums in my early teens.

5. COIL – Music To Play In The Dark Vol. 1 & 2

All the vintage/retro sounds and elements of electronic music flowing throughout the music of Astrum Malum are most definitely inspired by the musical mentality of COIL, especially on albums such as these two.


1. Absu – The Sun Of Tiphareth

It is quite possible I wouldn’t be making “Occult Metal” of the Blackened (and sometimes Thrashing) nature if it weren’t for the musical ideas and general atmospheres present in the works of Proscriptor. Still one of my fave bands of all time.

2. Secret Chiefs 3 – Book M

Although bands like Mr.Bungle inspired and amused me a lot when they perhaps more relevant, it is the work of Trey Spruance with the various satellite bands of SC3 which have inspired me to create Middle Eastern “ethnic” music first, and add the more distorted elements of Metal on top of that.

3. OM – Variations On A Theme

Although not quite similar in style, the spiritual attitude of Al Cisneros has been quite influential for this project. Not to mention Sleep’s mighty “Jerusalem”, an album also very different in style but perhaps not at all in spirit.

4. Omar Souleyman – Wenu wenu

I intend to increase the flow of the melodies in a more “jamming” way in the future, quite honestly mimicking the trance-like qualities of many of Omar’s songs.

5. Therion – Secret Of The Runes

Although not being a huge fan of classical (especially “symphonic”) Heavy Metal, the minimal yet extremely catching attitude of C.Johnsson with this band has during the years encouraged me to increase the orchestral and (in this case “ethnic”) elements in my more Metal-oriented music.


1. Tulus – Evil 1999

All the more minimalistic Black Metal elements present in the music of Vinoristi are most likely inspired by Tulus. I could go with “Under A Funeral Moon” here, which was perhaps my first exposure to the coldness of the Norwegian sound, but it’s more suitable to go with this.

2. Disrupt – Unrest

Having a very “anarchistic” (questioning) and anti-authoritarian way of thinking, the energy and rebellion of the so called Crust Punk bands (especially American and British ones) was one of the main reasons for starting this project.

3. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Of Natural History

Although very different in style, the approach of incorporating elements of Classical (or perhaps “Chamber” music) into more distorted and extreme sounds has always been present in Vinoristi, and will continue to go towards more avantgarde directions in the future, such as was the case with the progression of this band.

4. Devil Doll – The Girl Who Was… Death

Likewise extremely different in style, but the “Venetian” and churchy atmospheres ever present on the albums of Devil Doll have been a major inspiration for everything in my personal life, and these elements will increase in the future in the music of Vinoristi. Also the surreal, psychological and often anarchistic lyrics of Mr. Doctor are not that different in nature from the lyrics of Vinoristi. It is also of no surprise that (if I’ve understood correctly) Mr. Doctor has clearly been a huge fan of eighties Punk Rock, especially of the “Gothic” nature.

5. Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

Again, because of the authority-questioning attitude, but also because of the D-Beat, always pounding in my heart and soul.