//mKnoise is: Marco

From: Austria

Genre: Ambient, Soundscapes, Deep Listening

Other Projects: 



Some Background:

|make something sound + sound is noise = m-k- noise|:
Since 2014 I try to express my melancholy and my inner loneliness through sounds. What does the hidden side of the circle of life sound like? I am looking for sustained sounds with some extra harmonies that result form their distortion. These are sometimes ambient or dark ambient songs, soundscapes and sometimes something else.
Steuerfrequenz is more an experimental-industrial project, to try out a lot, which does not fit directly with //mKnoise.
Member of Enklave17 since 2017. We are a collective of dark frequency producers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

1. Phallus Dei – Pontifex Maximus

Best album of all time. Great dark atmosphere.

2. Zero Karma – The Secret Eye of L A Y L A H

Zero Kama was a ritual industrial project from Vienna, Austria, formed in 1984 by Michael DeWitt (owner of Nekrophile Rekords). The album “The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H.” is one of the earliest and most influential ritual ambient releases. The music on this recording was exclusively played with homemade instruments made of human skulls and bones.

3. Pierre Henry, Maurice Béjar – Orphée

Musique Concrète! Listen and you know…

4. Werkbund – Haithabu

The sound deals mainly with marine tales and myths from Northern Germany.

5. Morthond – This Crying Age

This album invited me to dark ambient and I am grateful that it has found me.

6. Brighter Death Now – The Slaughterhouse

Dark, dark, dark!


7. Nightmarish – Pompeji

A time travel. You are lost in this historical fragment.

8. Coil – Astral Desaster

‘I don’t want to be the One.’ Space, time, MagiK! And there is also: “Music to play in the dark I & II”.

9. Herbst9 – Consolamentum

He combines dark ambient, tribal and industrial elements in an really nice way.

10. Predominance – Reggatta De Blanc

You have to listen to all of them!


“A display of a worldview that only seems to see hope in escapism or cynicism. Musically old school industrial music in its full range from power electronics to dark ambient tracks.”

12. Anenzephalia – Noehaem

Power electronics in an ambient world. Monumental industrial world sadness.

13. Haus Arafna – Butterfly

You have to rock your foot to the beat and smile at cynicism of the lyrics.

14. November Növelet – From Heaven On Earth

The feminine counterpart of Haus Arafna. The founders of “Angstpop”. Every song on their first album is a masterpiece of sound design, lyrics and mood.

15. Godflesh – Streetcleaner

What would the world be without this album? Justin wrote some of the best riffs and rhythms I’ve ever heard. Even the things he has published as “Jesu” are great.

16. Cathedral – Forest Of Equilibrium

Doooooom! Incredibly slow, rough and suffering.

17. Paradise Lost – Gothic

I love this album since I heard it back then. Artwork and sound were just overwhelming for me. And the red vinyl just beautiful.