An Update: New Songs; A Project Inquiry

Hi readers,

I hope this update finds you all doing well. I wanted to share a bit of news regarding some new content for this website.

Graham Williams (<1, fencepost, et al.) has been immensely kind and generous to me since I published my review for his split with Screenslaver, Dereliction. He has composed three dark ambient tracks for From Corners Unknown. The album is titled Aperture of Ruin, which you can download for free at the following Bandcamp page—and also stream below. These compositions are based on Clark Ashton Smith’s “The Treader of the Dust”.

Graham asked me to donate to local charities in Oregon as remittance for his hours spent on producing Aperture of Ruin; I donated to Greenhill Humane Society and Cascades Raptor Center. In an effort to perpetuate Graham’s warm sentiment, I will continue to donate to organizations with your help and creativity.

Beyond just listening to these tracks, Graham and I thought it would be interesting to explore visual mediums with Aperture of Ruin. This is where you folks—the avid readers—come in. I am not well-versed in video production and admittedly the same goes for Graham. But we hope some of you who frequent this site harbor a passion for video production or enjoy exploring unique ways to visualize and express sound. Use Aperture of Ruin—either in whole or in part—as a soundtrack for a video of your creation. For each video that does so, I will donate $50 to local (Oregon) organizations from a tentative list I have cobbled together.

The list includes the aforementioned organizations I have donated to plus a handful of others that provide mental health services, support veterans, among others. The video producer will be able to select the organization(s) I donate to—either all to one or some percent distribution across multiple (we can correspond in more detail on this via e-mail). If the video producer has a charity in mind that is very close to their heart and is not on my list, we can most certainly discuss donating to that organization instead. I want to keep most donations local and to those on my list, but given some friendships I’ve made over in the U.K., I don’t mine being a titch flexible.

Once a video is complete, I will upload it to the new From Corners Unknown Vimeo page and subsequently share the video as a post on this website. Video producers will reserve the right to publish their video anywhere else they like; I simply want this website to serve as a small platform to get some extra eyes on the production. Just be sure to credit Graham and his work.

To inaugurate this idea, Benjamin Power (Vore Complex, Bleach for the Stars) has produced a video using “Quachil Uttaus [Slow Descent]”, which you can view below. At his request, I have donated to Help for Heroes.


Please feel free to reach out to me by e-mail if you have any questions about this project. Thank you so much for your continued support and all of your time you spend reading my reviews and interviews.

Take care for now,


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