#80 | Interview | WORM MONOLITH (Harsh Rhythmic Noise)

Worm Monolith dives into his eponymous LP, providing us details as to what transpires in his album’s narrative. He also provides us a glimpse into his future output, illuminating how his sound will evolve, and where his story will travel next.

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Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 23 (Worm Monolith, Tongue Party, Allogenic)

In episode twenty-three, we languish in the dreary harsh noise auras erected by Worm Monolith, we seek reprieve from our monotonous existence via the unfettered noise rock energy promulgated in Tongue Party’s Looking for a Painful Death, and we traverse the night sky with Allogenic’s Rites of Fear, stepping into its experimental electronic portal to explore the occult secrets lying beyond.