Video Project

Graham Williams (<1, fencepost, et al.) has been immensely kind and generous to From Corners Unknown. He composed three dark ambient tracks based around Clark Ashton Smith’s “The Treader of the Dust”. You can listen to these tracks below and also stream/download them for free at the FCU Bandcamp page.

Beyond simply listening to these tracks, Graham and I thought it would be interesting to unleash Aperture of Ruin into the ether and let folks use the songs as a soundtrack for video creations. Now with each new project comes unexpected turns. I am already sincerely fortunate to have been graced by Graham’s stunning work, but something unbelievable occurred. Harald Dessl (phonux) reached out and provided me three of his own dark ambient/horror-steeped soundscapes titled The Sounding Eye. And Alex L. Donat (Leonard Donat) let me host his record Deer Traps. This augments the noise available to video producers.

For each video that uses Aperture of RuinThe Sounding Eye, or Deer Traps (or some combination thereof), I will donate $50 to local (Oregon) organizations from a tentative list I have cobbled together. The list includes Greenhill Humane Society and Cascades Raptor Center plus a handful of organizations that provide mental health services, support veterans, among others.

The video producer will be able to select the organization(s) I donate to—either all to one or some percent distribution across multiple (we can correspond in more detail on this via e-mail). If the video producer has a charity in mind that is very close to their heart and is not on my list, we can discuss donating to that organization instead. I want to keep most donations local, but given some friendships I’ve made overseas, I am flexible.

Once a video is complete, I will upload it to the FCU YouTube page and subsequently share the video as a post on FCU and additionally append it to this Video Project page. Video producers will reserve the right to publish their video anywhere else they like; I simply want FCU to serve as a small platform to get some extra eyes on the production. Just be sure to credit the respective composer for their work.

Below is a growing list of creations for the video project:

  • A good friend, Benjamin Power, has inaugurated this video project using a track from Aperture of Ruin, which you can view below. At Ben’s request, I donated to Help for Heroes.


If you have any questions about this video project, please feel free to e-mail me. I am also open to hosting compositions beyond the three currently harbored on the FCU Bandcamp page. Thank you so much for your continued support.

You can listen to the records currently available for the project below.