#161 | Album Reviews | Beneath the Massacre, Benighted, Black Curse, and DVT


It’s been much too long since our last “Album Reviews” episode here at the FCU bayou. Allow me to jumpstart your memory regarding this series as even I am a bit misty on the details. Tim and I select four recent albums that are festering in the veins of extreme metal. We endeavor to summarize our thoughts for each and then we proceed to chat about them in an order usually determined toward the beginning of an episode. In this one, we went alphabetically as three of the four bands begin with the letter ‘b’. Relative to the weekly album review podcast episodes between Connor and myself, this series is quite relaxed in that we don’t delve into the bedrock of each track comprising a record. Rather, we speak more generally about the qualities we liked/disliked, and I often ask Tim (aka Humbaba) to opine from his own music production/composition perspective. That’s the gist.

With all of that exposition out of the way, we are elated to return to the fray with tones barbaric, ritualistic, blistering, and ravenous. In this episode, we prattle about the return of tech-death titans Beneath the Massacre and their fourth LP, Fearmonger. Then we proceed to the latest conceptual offering from France’s renowned brutal deathgrind quintet, Benighted, and their latest effort, Obscene Repressed. Endless Wound, the excoriating black death debut from extreme metal supergroup Black Curse follows next and the episode concludes with the amorphous and ever-mysterious black ambient doom duo, Death Void Terror (DVT).

Below you will find a few extra details regarding each album discussed in this episode. Timestamps are provided for the approximate mark we begin chatting about a record in case you’d like to skip around. Additionally, social media links and links to each band’s respective labels are provided in case you want to acquire a digital/physical copy. Thank you so much for tuning in; we sincerely hope you enjoy our exchange.

1. Beneath the Massacre Fearmonger (03:42)

Label: Century Media
From: Montréal, Quebec

2. Benighted Obscene Repressed (33:19)

3. Black Curse Endless Wound (53:27)

4. DVT To The Great Monolith II (01:18:14)

Label: Repose Records
From: Zürich, Switzerland

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