#191 | Album Review | Stoploss – Wander. Defy. Relent. Decay.


I hope all is well in your world Smeagols of the void (screw you autocorrect I do not mean seagulls)! This week, Ryan and I once again put on our Constant Disappointment Records fanboy t-shirts and talk about the band STOPLOSS (I have three CDR shirts). As per usual, we are late to the rage fest as we gargle on about the New England hardcore outfit and their May release Wander. Defy. Relent. Decay. I will say that you will not be able to stop the blood loss as you donkey punch your dashboard and get turned into raspberry jello by your explosive airbag when listening to this album. Your sentient gelatinous smear of a corpse will wander outside, defy all odds, and relent to the natural bodily decay as the aggressive music keeps you alive. I’m pretty sure Ryan and I say more strange shit like that in this episode as it’s a banger on all fronts!

One factor that stands out in STOPLOSS is how fucking pissed off and mad about it they sound (they would make Big Daddy Rich proud). Acid scorching vocals and knees-to-gravel grinding instruments reign supreme, yet each track has unique grooves or lasting vocal deliveries that might just get impaled in your dome. I guarantee you will be chanting I HATE MY JOB, I HATE MY FRIENDS, I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE! Lyrical themes cover a broad range of relatable concepts. Dirt filled distortions and feedback infuse with jaw slamming drum mortars. Your muscles will be dying to get up and let loose like that one shirtless coked-out dude that’s always in the pit.

STOPLOSS is a hardcore punk band that crawled out from the crusty earth of Lowell, Massachusetts. They have let out their decimating sound for about a decade with members from bands such as Shipwreck A.D. and The Fake Boys. The nine-track hammer-to-thumb slammer of an album Wander. Defy. Relent. Decay. came out May 22nd, 2020 via Constant Disappointment Records. I hope you enjoy listening to Ryan and I fumble about our discussion of this LP.

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