Ep. 22: A Conversation with Hacksaw (Gory, Grinding Old School Death from Glasgow)


Hacksaw is a grinding old school death metal outfit from Glasgow, UK. Just shy of one year ago, Mark Williamson delved into the festering hellscape of goregrind with the intent of taking his musical production more seriously whilst simultaneously paying homage to horror films of old. Though he began Hacksaw almost exclusively as a goregrind project—with splotches of grooves and sludge contaminating each track—he quickly twisted his sound to incorporate death metal elements (this is most apparent on his latest EP, Raw Fucking Gore). What has remained constant in Hacksaw’s sound is Mark’s abundant use of film samples, which provide context for his vomit-gargling vocals. The spew of sludge and undiluted HM-2 buzz also purvey; it is with these raw death metal components that Mark has masticated Hacksaw into something more brutal and most vile.

In this conversation Mark talks about how he began Hacksaw and explains how this project is an outlet for him to express his love for schlock and old school horror films. He claws deeper into the tracks on Raw Fucking Gore, details his plans for his follow-up record, speaks about making Hacksaw a live band, and muses about some of his most favorite gorefests. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can listen to Raw Fucking Gore over at the From Corners Unknown Records Bandcamp page. Mark’s other two Hacksaw releases, Necrostalgia and Gore Soaked Abertoir, can be listened to on his Bandcamp. Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering this conversation’s audio.

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