Ep. 28: A Conversation with Brendan Auld (Descent, Siberian Hell Sounds, Snorlax, Consumed)


Brendan Auld is an audio engineer residing in Brisbane, Australia. He owns and operates his personal studio, Black Blood Audio, out of his basement where he records and mixes local heavy talent. His studio serves a dual purpose as a practice space. When not recording other outfits, Brendan is chipping away at his own craft. Guitar, bass, drums, vocals, he’s adept at performing each, though his primary instrument is guitar. Be it penning repugnant riffs for his HM-2 death metal quintet, Descent, contributing ideas to the colossal blackened hardcore beast Siberian Hell Sounds, or constructing full songs for his undiluted blackened death metal solo project Snorlax, Brendan seldom rests. And this doesn’t even account for his sundry of side projects, many of which have yet to break the web’s surface—though his latest endeavor, Consumed, is about to emerge. When Brendan is not working his typical-day-to-day as a carpenter, his mental tap, his ceaseless propensity to write riffs, flows. Even during passages of calm and relaxation will he rush to his studio to record the kernel of a riff gnawing at his impulses.

In this conversation, Brendan probes his various projects, exploring the compositional approach of each. He articulates his insatiable lust for writing stomach-churning riffs and gushes over some of the technical aspects of audio engineering. Thank you so much for listening.

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If you enjoy the grisly pummels of Snorlax, you can obtain a cassette of the demo via Caligari Records—you can also follow the project on Facebook for updates on new tunes. Descent will be casting out a new record soon. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for new songs being dropped in anticipation of its release.

Though Siberian Hell Sounds is on hold for just a bit, you can ‘like’ them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on band developments. To fill the void in the meantime, you can look forward to Brendan’s latest project Consumed. Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering this episode.

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