Ep. 34: A Conversation with Goshen (Infernal, Chaotic Metal from the Inland Empire)


Goshen is a sweltering furnace blast of chaotic metal from California’s Inland Empire. They cast their first demo out into the ether early 2017 and just this summer, they released their grimy, punishing self-titled EP. Though ‘metal’ can be used to describe Goshen’s sound, it is rather unfettered from the genre’s confines. Grating swells of guitar-conjured noise, eviscerating hardcore riffs, passages of slow, undulating atmosphere that emit an anxious mental fog. Each component of Goshen’s sound is unbridled chaos. And all of these sonic motes converge, collide, and congeal into one off-kilter mass of vociferous catharsis. Their writing process, as discussed in this interview, is as unkempt as the noise pouring from their instruments, which only fuels the anxiety and stress induced whilst immersing oneself in their compositions. Though this quartet has only existed a short time thus far, the belters comprising their self-titled EP exhibit an utmost fervor that will impel you to experience the energy exuded repeatedly.

In this conversation, Goshen (Kyle, Joseph, Jake, and Mitch) discuss how the band was originally formulated. They discuss the days of their demo and how their sound has evolved into what they are performing now. They also provide us a glimpse into their writing process and note a bevy of influences that funnel into their chaotic noise. Thank you so much for listening.

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In addition to the hyperlinks above, which guide you to Goshen’s Bandcamp page, you can like/follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop about shows and any new developments the band is undertaking. If their sound strikes a nerve with you, you can acquire their EP for free at the respective links above. If you’d like a cassette, you can snag one over at the From Corners Unknown Records Bandcamp page.

Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering this podcast’s audio.

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