Ep. 35: A Conversation with Sandesh Shenoy of Cyclopean Eye Productions


Sandesh Shenoy is the founder and CEO of India-based extreme metal and noise label, Cyclopean Eye Productions. It started as a distro about eight years ago, in 2010, but in the well of Sandesh’s passion there fervently writhed the desire to expand beyond merely circulating brutal metal releases. He wanted to sign bands under his own banner and simultaneously proliferate¬†some of the most grisly sounds being spewed from southeastern Asia’s underground to the rest of the world. This pivotal moment occurred a couple years into Cylopean Eye’s existence as a distro. In 2012, he signed his first band Genocide Shrines, an utmost bestial death metal quartet hailing from Sri Lanka. And from there, Sandesh would continue to unearth utmost sinister metal incantations and eventually reach some of the most piercing frequencies, harsh noise and power electronics with artists such as Konflict and Bell.

But the year before signing Genocide Shrines, Sandesh and a close group of friends banded together to create an extreme metal festival entitled Trend Slaughter. The intent was to coalesce some of the grimiest dregs of sound from India and beyond into one space in an effort to rejuvenate the bone-dry spring of extreme music shows. To their surprise, the turnout was rather sizable and it rendered the festival’s debut a success. This was a boost to Sandesh and his friends. And ever since that initial show, they have been maintaining Trend Slaughter as an annual festival, bringing in some larger extreme metal acts as time has persisted, like Finnish death metal legends, Demilich.

In this conversation, Sandesh speaks about his early beginnings as Cyclopean Eye and how his label has evolved over the last eight years. He talks about his love for extremely harsh music, how this love is like a drug addiction as he ceaselessly seeks the outermost fringes of music for the heaviest sounds, and he also goes into more detail about Trend Slaughter and the local extreme metal scene in southeastern Asia. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can support Sandesh by following/liking Cyclopean Eye Productions on Facebook, where he regularly provides updates about his upcoming and existing releases. You can also visit Cyclopean Eye’s SoundCloud page (in addition to the hyperlinks above) to sample tracks from their releases in addition to their Bandcamp page.

Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering this conversation’s audio.

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