Ep. 6: A Conversation with Joe Gamache, Founder of OldeBlock Records


Joe Gamache is the founder of the nascent record label, OldeBlock Records. Housed in Edmonton, Alberta’s urban sprawl, Joe’s aspirations to create not just a label, but a collective of artists that engage with each other, work together, and learn from one another, was cemented just a couple years ago. Building upon this foundation has taken time. The first few blocks of sound he laid for the label’s catalog came from his own hands and machines, from his project named Woony Hax. It’s one that is difficult to categorize; you can hear dark ambient, drone, ambient, and tendrils of experimentation pouring from each of his compositions, but his sound is best left unfettered by genre descriptors. This sentiment of not categorizing his sound simultaneously crystallizes the essence of OldeBlock in that each release following Woony Hax’s three EPs are intriguing and widely variable in their experimentation and aural explorations. Though OldeBlock is still in relative infancy,  there is already solid slab of sound to lose yourself in and ultimately love.

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Joe as Woony Hax

In 2018, two new artists will make their debut and into this year’s summer months, OldeBlock will publish their first physical release; a vinyl that finds all of the Label’s artists working under a common concept to craft a mosaic of sound. In this conversation, Joe speaks about his finding of OldeBlock Records, the music he grew up listening to, how he fields artists for the Label, the digital landscape of music, and a great deal more. Thank you so much for listening and thank you for supporting Joe and OldeBlock Records.

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You can support OldeBlock Records by visiting their Bandcamp page. You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates on upcoming artist releases and insights on the noise scene.

Thank you to Joe for helping me edit this conversation. And a huge thank you to Kyle over at Ash & Dust Studio for aiding me in cleaning up this recording.

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