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For the first time in FCU history, I am joined by burrito boy Benson in an interview! He actually doesn’t end up saying a whole lot, but in it, we chat and shoot the shit with the Melbourne-based hardcore punk trio, Rattleback.

By some unknown Bandcamp wizardry, Connor was recommended the group’s debut LP, Weeding the Garden State, shortly after its release in September of 2020. You may recall his poor recollection of discovering Rattleback back in a track reviews episode we dropped last October, and it was from this mealy-mouthed word sputtering that led us two knob-heads to (finally) get this interview set up many months later.

All that being said, Rattleback is an intriguing breed of hardcore punk because they have no guitarist. Their bassist, Harry “McBassFace” Ross, uses a signal splitter to effectively emanate the tone of a guitar in some tracks, but he often writhes in the pond-scummy undercurrents of baritone reverberations. This slathers their tunes in a bedraggled climate, which vigorously swelters as percussion blares, and their vocalist, Frank “Drunktank” Hynes, heaves a litany of scathing, cord-frying rasps.

The conversation sprawls in several haphazard pathways, the most basic being the trio’s origination. From there, Rattleback discusses the approximate year-long writing process that gave rise to their debut and the two whole shows they were able to play just before the pandemic struck. Much more word spew is volleyed (from me, mostly) during the interview’s runtime, with a healthy slather of banter coating the exchange. We sincerely hope you enjoy our back-and-forth as it was an utmost pleasure chatting with these dudes. Thank you so much for tuning in!

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You can peruse the entirety of their debut, Weeding the Garden State, via their Bandcamp page. Be sure to follow ’em on Facebook and Instagram to stay in-the-loop on new developments from the trio.

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