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Tempel is a hard rock quartet from Vestfold, Norway that seeps a sundry of other genres into their electrifying sonic fabric. Founded originally by the drummer from Kvelertak, his two brothers, and a close childhood friend, the quartet sought to cauterize a sound that pays homage to classic rock outfits whilst infusing frenetic tendrils of thrash and black metal malice, all held together by throat ripping hardcore-style vocalizations.

Despite some of the dreary tones and themes Tempel promulgates, there is a candid sense of liveliness and joviality that pierces their compositions. Many passages on this record are pure ecstasy. Groovy riffs pockmark the sodden soil Tempel traverses as they port listeners to moments in time ancient and forgotten, lit only by flickering torch flame. Though between these naturalistic soundscapes Tempel paints, the band effortlessly transitions into unfettered ferocity. Black metal blast beats erupt and rollick. It’s as if they are channeling the feeling of achieving break-neck speeds on horseback as we, the listeners, duck beneath tangles of vines and bark, holding on for dear life. And what’s particularly striking is the way Tempel straddles these clashing tones so fervently. Much of the record leaves an impression of that hard/classic rock aesthetic, however, the way they dig their heels into metallic qualities, carried by vociferous rasps, makes the album feel retro and simultaneously progressive. Tempel is certainly a record not worth glossing over. Thank you so much for listening.

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