#123 | Retrospective Review | Cryptopsy – None So Vile


For those entrenched in the extremities of death metal, Cryptopsy needs no introduction, let alone their second album None So Vile. Forged in 1988 originally under the moniker of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the Quebec outfit soon thereafter underwent a series of name changes. OCD became Necrosis, which lasted about four years. Then they morphed into Gammora in 1992, only to transmogrify to Cryptopsy that same year. Two years later came their debut LP as Cryptopsy, Blasphemy Made Flesh. And in 1994 was None So Vile discharged into the ether.

Considered a death metal landmark by many, None So Vile excels in fusing frenetic technicality with barbarous dynamic shifts. From unfettered guitar leads that manically writhe to blistering blast beats to Lord Worm’s acidic yet spectral spewing, this album embodies venomous spite. It was crafted by Lord Worm (vocals), Flo Mounier (drums), Jon Levasseur (lead guitar), and Eric Langlois (bass). So much has already been said about None So Vile, though we thought it’d be a refreshing change of pace here at From Corners Unknown to travel back in time to exhume this classic and give it a proper dissection. More episodes of this retrospective nature are being planned with another already on the way. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can stream and acquire a physical (CD) or digital copy of None So Vile via Cryptopsy’s Bandcamp page. You can also stream None So Vile on Spotify or a myriad of other platforms.

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