#128 | Album Review | Car Bomb – Mordial


As we approach the end of another decade, the angular auditory animus from Brooklyn extreme metal quartet, Car Bomb, is unfurled once again. Mordial, Car Bomb’s third LP this decade, marks their perennial evolution. It unveils the broadening of their tonal and textural palette as it expounds upon sounds commonplace in their arsenal whilst simultaneously embracing deeper delvings into atmosphere and melody.

Mordial also marks Car Bomb’s approximate twenty years together as a band. Founded back in 2000, the quartet has been on an endless grind, ceaselessly erecting, filing, re-shaping, and obliterating a plethora of influences that, while not wholly unique in their respective vacuums, are rendered fresh by Car Bomb’s renegade suturing. Jagged, djent-charged grooves slice against mind-boggling drum patterns that seldom provide a cohesive trajectory. Gravelly barks and exasperated shouts rupture, infrequently caving beneath the ethereal weight of uplifting croons. Robotic guitar notes chirp and scamper from the maw of a corrupted Artificial Intelligence. The ground traversed is reminiscent of sounds and dynamics familiar; however, these elements are more fully-realized. There still exists a myriad of clinical, off-kilter timbres, but the focus on scintillating melodies heightens Car Bomb’s latest effort to an emotive plane unreached on previous releases.

As the album artwork suggests, Mordial‘s aesthetic appears to be embracing entropy. Pandemonium fissures across the kaleidoscopic tunnel of polygons, alien shapes, and colors both muted and vibrant. It may sound daunting to throw yourself into, but the innumerable textures percolating from Mordial warrant dozens of listening iterations to fully digest what’s transpiring within its duration. We sincerely hope you enjoy our dissection of this one. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can acquire a digital or physical copy (CD, LP) of Mordial via Car Bomb’s Bandcamp page. You can also stream Mordial on Spotify if that’s your preferred method of perusing.

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