#130 | Album Review | SEIZURES – Reverie of the Revolving Diamond


SEIZURES is an experimental hardcore outfit from Orange County, California. Though the term experimental is used here as a catch-all descriptor to illustrate the quintet’s boundary bending compositions, the timbres, textures, and fully-fleshed atmosphere seeping from their latest LP, Reverie of the Revolving Diamond, can (mostly) be articulated as gazing at an awe-inspiring sunset from the shores of a foreign planet. Founded a little over a decade ago at the time of this writing, SEIZURES did not originally embark on their journey as an experimental outfit per se. Their debut, Antipathy, gnaws at the confines of chaotic hardcore. It’s littered with angularity, start-stop riffs, and blistering drum patterns. Above all, the berserk energy it promulgates is unfettered and scathing. And this slicing rage has not diminished with the passing of time. Rather, it has evolved and matured into an amorphous brute that cudgels yet simultaneously unveils abstract vistas unseen by human eyes.

Reverie of the Revolving Diamond is as blissful as it is punishing. Many use the descriptor “beach math” or “surfcore” to embody SEIZURES’ sound, and it is quite apt. Present are medlies of lurching riffs and off-kilter licks. Feedback squawks in traditional mathcore flair. However, enmeshed between and within the fabric of these well-trodden constructs there emerges billows of euphoria. As the album artwork indicates, the euphoric expanses harbor the serenity of violet-hued shores resulting from the sun falling beyond the horizon. For any coastal denizen, this verdant setting can be viewed time and time again. But so effortlessly does this album crystallize the alluring palette of moods while gazing upon it. We have a lot of words to say about SEIZURES’ latest effort and we hope you enjoy our dissection of it. Thank you for listening.

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You can obtain a digital copy of Reverie of the Revolving Diamond via SEIZURES’s Bandcamp page. You can also stream their record on Spotify, if that’s your preferred method of album perusing. Follow SEIZURES on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop about new updates from the band.

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