#184 | Album Review | Zombieshark! – I Will Destroy You, Myself, And Everything I’ve Ever Loved


Well, hidey-ho void neighbors! This week Ryan and I change into digital dumpsters to listen to the experimentally chaotic cyber-grind project ZOMBIESHARK! We once again feast upon a genre we aren’t well listened in. The mouthful of an album I Will Destroy You, Myself, and Everything I’ve Ever Loved delivers a rich variety of electronic and blustering metal elements. A diverse plate of vocals and tempo’s are also shoveled into our ears. We both fell in love with the atmospheric qualities and the electronic quirks/tones over the beefy deathcore beatdowns.

The music led us to talk about dark technology inspired concepts, such as getting virtually woodchipped by your floppy drive as the AOL voice narrates the situation. Of course, a lot of video games are brought up in this conversation due to the album’s Nintendocore elements. Hell, I even come up with some bizarre combination of Sonic the Hedgehog meets the Saw movie series… note the cringe “Sawnic”. Lyrically speaking the album delves into some serious territory and gets rather grim, so don’t take my rant about the Pornhub logo sprouting legs and beating me up as an album descriptor seriously, please (I even open this episode up talking about going on a road trip with Sméagol or Nicolas Cage).

ZOMBIESHARK! is a Philadelphia-based two-piece. Its members consist of Cory Swope (vocals, electronics, drum programming) and Sam Carlen (guitars, bass, electronics). The project has been around since 2012 with several EP and short LP releases. The combination of tastefully done electronics infused with metal makes this a worthwhile listen! The album of topic was released on July 10, 2020. It was mixed and mastered by Sam Carlen himself!

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Most of the physical formats appear to be sold out over at ZOMBIESHARK!’s Bandcamp, but grab yourself a digital copy or wait for some new and awesome merch! These dudes seriously have a cool aesthetic. This upcoming Friday (October 2) is yet another Bandcamp Day where the company forgoes its revenue share for all purchases. Cory is planning a merch drop that morning, so keep your eyes peeled for new wares if you’re keen on acquiring something ZOMBIESHARK!-branded.

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