#181 | Album Review | Fleshvessel – Bile of Man Reborn


How goes it deranged, vomiting meat skin buddies? This week Ryan and I indulge ourselves in Fleshvessel’s Bile of Man Reborn. At first glance the album artwork made me think I’d be diving into a disgusting spew of brutal death metal. This was not the case. Instead, I found myself listening to a dynamic, experimental, and atmospheric epic. There are moments of destructive brutality but the incorporation of unexpected instruments made this release stand out. Have you ever heard a door harp or a Puerto Rican Cuatro in death metal? This is your opportunity and it is awesome!

Bile of Man Reborn consists of a singular twenty-five-minute track, which is separated into three distinct portions. The instrumental section (my personal favorite) is absolutely mind-blowing with its neoclassical like darkness and beauty. This evolving concept, of course, leads to Ryan and I coming up with our own bizarre tales via the music we hear. Despite the actual lyrics being quite vivid and serious, I went the route of fabricating some screwed up science fiction tale. Ryan stayed true to the overall tone and came up with an equally as vivid pus-filled hellish image. My story involves a blistered man named Blart who’s people were taken into slavery to mine an alien moon. After hundreds of years of misery, they decide to start an uprising. If that intrigues you, I narrate this tale on and off for the duration of the podcast as we dork out on the stunning instrumentals.

Fleshvessel is an experimental death metal project based out of Chicago, Illinois. The project was formed in 2019 by Alexander Torres (guitar, viola, Puetro Rican cuatro) and Sakda Srikoetkhruen (fretless bass). They then added members Amos Hart (vocals, keyboards) and Gina Hoetzer (flute) to form the whole body of the band. Bile of Man Reborn is their debut EP released via I, Voidhanger Records on June 26, 2020. There are workings of a debut LP, which is set to release sometime in early 2021.

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You can acquire a digital or physical copy (CD) of Bile of Man Reborn via the I, Voidhanger Records Bandcamp page. Fleshvessel also has the EP on their personal Bandcamp page where you can acquire it in a CD or digital format. Be sure to follow Fleshvessel on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop about new developments regarding their upcoming LP! They’ve been posting a handful of videos exhibiting the recording process and it sounds like it will be a monstrous opus.

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