#199 | Album Review Holiday Special | Corey Taylor – CMFT


Howdy-ho little rotting sugar plums of the void! This week is a bit of a special episode for the holidays. We have established that if Ryan and I post a bad cover, single, or 90’s post-grunge track within our group chat three times, Derek will Beetlejuice us into actually reviewing them! Let’s just say Corey Taylor’s debut solo album CMFT got posted in our chat numerous times. Like a golden nugget from Scott Stapp himself, we then found ourselves day drinking while conversing about this album (it becomes more evident as the episode persists). In the episode, you will find us going on long manic tirades that you may find pretty damn humorous. The content is not holiday-themed whatsoever, but you’re more than welcome to perceive it as a plop of coal in your stocking, or that candy cane that has decorated your tree for several years and you decide… fuck it, why not nom this stale and chewy mint treat.

Now before we get all metal elitist and crap all over Mr. Taylor, understand that we mostly came to the conclusion that CMFT was just flat out boring. With each single released I was hoping for a meme filled banger or cheesy ballad. Yet good old, “looking at you through the glass” Taylor did not really deliver. Instead, we get a hard rock album inspired by rock ‘n roll greats with no life of its own. I won’t lie, there were some fun moments in this album but it did not rest well in the music memory banks. CMFT MUST BE STOPPED! Bah humbug, at least the tangents Derek goes on are quite fantastical! CMFT came out on October 2nd, 2020 via RoadRunner Records.

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A warm thank you to Chopping Mall for allowing us to use the intro to their track “Shove Christmas Up You Ass” for this episode.

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