#215 | Interview | Terror Peaks (Enigmatic, Extreme Electronic Concepts)


Hello! It has been a minute since I’ve released a solo podcast interview here on the site, but I am ecstatic to share with you all an in-depth conversation with Terror Peaks, an enigmatic, UK-based extreme electronic producer. This project was not on my radar until I received a feature request several months back. And while I was initially hesitant to conduct an interview—primarily due to my dearth of electronic music knowledge—I was enamored by the mystifying conceptual descriptions paired with Terror Peaks’ debut, self-titled EP.

Frequent readers and listeners of our output already know that we harbor an ingrained passion for extreme music, particularly of the metal strain, but never have I considered electronic music extreme. It is not “extreme” in the way one would typically characterize metal per se, but it is analogous insofar that Terror Peaks’ tunes are unrelenting auditory assaults. This is not to say his compositions induce ear fatigue or tinnitus, but they are in perpetual flux. He never rests or relishes in a texture, beat, or frequency for more than a few seconds. Often, a fresh layer will protrude for but a moment, only to flitter off and never re-emerge. This renders his tunes rather bewildering as their blistering kinetic energy keeps you wondering where the hell Terror Peaks is taking you, but his elaborate constructions are anything but chaotic walls of noise. Rather, despite the litany of high-end sizzling frequencies, there permeates an assortment of ambient tendrils that caress and suspend you in a state of awe.

Furthermore, Terror Peaks is conceptual down to its oldest roots. The project’s title is the cryptic name ascribed to an arcane realm, of which each track is a recorded journey of a fortunate soul that survived the brief traversal of one of Terror Peaks’ innumerable portals. There are many who have endeavored to record their journey, though only a few have managed to return. Angels, cloth floaters, a lush but perilous landscape of stabbing crystalline stalagmites, are but a few glimpses gleaned from indiscernible vistas. Much more could be divulged here, but that would defeat the purpose of exploring the sentiments and insights shared by the entity behind Terror Peaks.

That being said, I sincerely hope you enjoy our exchange as I was thoroughly captivated by Terror Peaks’ words. Below are vague descriptions of the three portals traversed in Terror Peaks’ debut EP. Thank you so much for tuning in!

Showyou portal:

A knife-edge world of angular forms. Strange pointed artifacts, like icicles, jut out from the ground, stabbing at surrounding objects. Sometimes stormy. Otherwise quite a serene place. Harmless tendrils, of unknown biological composition, appear in clusters. Ringing sounds, like singing bowls, are often heard. Angels are common.

Blis portal:

A quiet, temperate plane. Visitors often report feelings of overbearing rapture here; upon arrival, they are ecstatic, but later second-guess their feelings as ‘dangerous’. The ground is feathery and pliable, and is often likened to avian plumage. Reports of being ‘brushed up against’ by intangible entities are common. A colossal by reclusive angel is known to live here: on several occasions it has been seen bursting violently from the ground before flying off.

On+On+On portal:

A sprawling aether with no ground. Air is thick gas. ‘Land’ consists of small, floating geological islands with weak independent gravity. Spatial-temporal distortions are common, appearing as vortexes which cause perceptions of time to differ between observers. Events here occur in ‘slow motion’, lasting over very long periods of time. Visitors often report visual snow, daydreaming.

* * * * * *

Cassettes of Terror Peaks’ debut EP are currently sold out, but you can acquire a digital copy of the release via the Slow Dance Bandcamp page. If you’d like to stay up-to-date on new developments from the project, you can follow Terror Peaks on Facebook and Instagram.

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In two weeks, we’ll drop an album review podcast of the sophomore LP, The Violet Grim, from the doomgaze project known as Gloomseeker. Take care til then!

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