#222 | EP Reviews | Friendship Commanders, Apostle, and Ghostbound


Salutations, folks! We hope you’re all well. This episode marks a slight change in pace from our usual output insofar that the conversation is much more off-the-cuff. Of principal importance, however, Derek makes his return to the vacant hellscapes where Connor and I often ramble.

You may recall a stint of episodes where the three of us attempted to review roughly six tracks per installment. That fizzled out mid-October of 2020, with Derek taking a hiatus shortly after our review of Corey Taylor’s debut LP, CMFT, in December 2020—honestly, who could blame him after that sanity drain? Now, we have, more or less, decided to resuscitate that series, but pivot the coverage from six tracks to three EPs, where each “reviewer” brings an EP to the table for the group to discuss.

We have yet to establish a firm release schedule frequency, but we’re tentatively gauging it at one episode per four to six weeks (don’t hold us to it). To inaugurate this new series, we settled on the following EPs: Hold On To Yourself from Friendship Commanders, I Have Tried to Speak Through the Soil in My Mouth from Apostle, and Extended Play for My Sweet Mary Thyme by Ghostbound. They are spoken about in that order. Friendship Commanders blends impassioned melodies with fuzz-drenched stoner rock that plods with a sludgy momentum. Apostle berates with excoriating chaotic hardcore, splotching their succinct salvos with experimental sprawls of post-hardcore and black metal. And Ghostbound unfurls a seafaring sojourn peppered with post-punk atmosphere, buoyant crooning, and elegiac musings.

That being said, we hope you enjoy the rambles contained herein. Thank you all so much for tuning in!

Friendship Commanders - Hold On To Yourself

Apostle - I Have Tried to Speak Through the Soil in My Mouth

Ghostbound - Extended Play for My Sweet Mary Thyme

* * * * * *

You can snag digital or physical copies of each EP at the respective Bandcamp links above.

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In two weeks’ time, Connor and I will be rambling about Unraveled, the latest LP from the grinding, screamo-lacerated sludge duo, Orphan Donor. Take care until then!

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