#239 | Reviews and Other Rambles: Ashenspire, Chat Pile, Dawnwalker, WAKE, and More


Salutations, void wrigglers! We hope you’re keeping well. We have another big ol’ carton of music to dissect and incoherently ramble about. Much of this material dates back to June/July 2022, but we hope there is an intriguing find or two lurking within that you might have overlooked.

Releases covered in this one range from CMD094 and moreru to Bergfried and Pillar of Wasps. Wistful dreampunk, excoriating emoviolence, sludge-stomping noise rock, ice-laden death doom, and medieval folk rock are but a few of the timbres explored in this iteration of Reviews and Other Rambles. Below you will find the full list of what we discuss, with timestamps provided for each piece, in case you want to jump to a particular segment of the conversation.

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Segment 01: Band Developments

Brief rambles about upcoming music

Bummer and Tunic wrapped the recording session for their collaborative album back in late July. No other details have been made public yet, but we’re keen to hear what comes from it when it’s ready. Check Bummer’s discography here (their 2021 LP, Deadhorse, is ace), and check Tunic’s discography here.

A new Sumac record, in collaboration with Keiji Haino, will be released on October 7. Its title is Into this juvenile apocalypse our golden blood to pour let us never. This is the group’s third collaborative record with Haino, the first of which was released in October 2018 and the second in June 2019.

The final album from Mount Shrine, All Roads Lead Home, was released via Cryo Chamber on August 9, 2022. These were the last compositions he was working on before he passed away in early 2021 due to complications from Covid.

Segment 02: New(-ish) Tracks

Rambles about relatively fresh tracks
Slipknot – “The Dying Song (Time to Sing)” (00:17:18)

Chug-da-keg-slam-CHUG. I don’t know why Connor threw this on the list, but we spoke about it for a minute. This track comes off their upcoming record, The End, So Far, which will release via Roadrunner on September 30, 2022.

Mindforce – “Survival is Vengeance” (00:19:48)

The lead single off the upcoming sophomore record, New Lords, from Hudson Valley’s metallic hardcore group, Mindforce. The full album drops on September 16, 2022, via Triple B Records.

Loma Prieta – “Sunlight” (00:21:54)

A fresh, sub-two-minute, track from San Francisco’s (post-)hardcore quartet, Loma Prieta. This one was released on July 26, 2022.

All Them Witches – “6969 WXL The Cage” (00:24:46)

The July single (released July 28) from All Them Witches’ 2022 baker’s dozen batch of singles. They’ve been dropping a new single each month of 2022 to date, and this is, by far, their weirdest.

Mamaleek – “Boiler Room” (00:27:40)

The first single from the experimental, San Francisco and Beruit-based, black metal project, Mamaleek. “Boiler Room” comes off their eighth studio album, Diner Coffee, which will release via The Flenser on September 30, 2022.

Vermin Womb – “Rot in Hell” (00:31:58)

One of three singles released in anticipation of Vermin Womb’s return record, Retaliation. It’s their first slab of material in about six years. Ferocious and inexorable. The full album was released by Closed Casket Activities on September 3, 2022.

Pillar of Wasps – “A Collective Hallucination” (00:35:15)

This is the first single off of the Dallas duo’s debut album, which will release in late 2022 or early 2023 via Dark Trail Records. Brace yourself for stampedes of robotic and utterly outlandish guitar noise. Worship the wasp.

THROES – “New Gods” (00:37:58)

A succinct offering from Boise’s heavy hardcore troupe, THROES. This comes about a year-and-a-half after their split with Great Falls. These two tracks were released by The Ghost Is Clear Records on August 19, 2022.

Segment 03: EPs, Splits, and/or Demos

Rambles about some newer bite-sized releases

Atvm / Penance Stare – The Split (00:41:32)

A split featuring two fresh tracks from London’s outlandish, proggy death metal quartet, Atvm (pronounced ate-um), and four new tracks from U.K.’s screamo-y black metal duo, Penance Stare. The Split was independently released on July 11, 2022.

Other Half – Split w/ Negative Measures (00:47:58)

At the time we covered this, only two tracks were available (one from each band). This four-track split harbors shimmering post-hardcore-verging melodies and raucous hardcore punk. It was released on August 19, 2022, via Venn Records.

Batholith – Where Only Mountains Remain… (00:52:51)

A new EP from Connecticut’s grotty death doom duo, Batholith. Chunky grooves slathered in sheets of icy ambience. It was independently released on July 17, 2022, about a year and three months after their debut record, Alpine Tomb.

Bergfried – Romantik I (00:55:38)

The stellar debut EP from Erech III. von Lothringen (instruments) and Anna de Savoy (vocals). An unbelievably fun and concise dose of heavy metal merged with medieval folk rock. Romantik I was released on April 17, 2022. Physical copies are available through Fiadh Productions.

Segment 04: Weird Bandcamp Picks

Random, and usually strange, finds from our Bandcamp dredging

Frigus – To Hell and Back (01:00:52)

The first heavy album from the Athens-based guitarist and music producer, Frigus. Heavy on some ambient backdrops, which calls to mind cavern exploration in a sidescroller videogame. This was independently released on July 19, 2022.

moreru – 山田花子 (01:03:58)

Prepare your ear drums for potential prolapse. This new album from Japan’s emoviolence/noise sextet, moreru, is rife with harsh noise walls, yet there writhes poignant emotional resonance. This one was independently released back on March 30, 2022.

Disfigured Robot Child – Adumbrate (01:09:49)

A relatively chill and spaced-out record from the prolific synth artist, Disfigured Robot Child. This is just one of dozens of releases. Adumbrate was released on August 2, 2022.

Segment 05: Forgotten Recents

Records we've been digging, but don't have the time for a deep dive
CMD094 – Aria (01:14:51)

A captivating dreampunk excursion from Ukraine’s CMD094. Aria is his take on a JRPG soundtrack. Wispy and surreal timbres from a pixelated expanse. This was released via Pure Life Records (of which CMD094 is a co-owner) on July 4, 2022.

Candy – Heaven is Here (01:21:00)

The sophomore LP from the blistering hardcore punk troupe, Candy. It’s riddled with industrial-like thrums, molten ingots of noise, and revolting grooves. Relapse Records released this one on June 24, 2022.

Segment 06: Albums of Focus

Records we dive into with some depth (in order of episode appearance)

Ashenspire - Hostile Architecture

Timestamp in episode: 01:27:44

The sophomore record to Ashenspire’s 2017 LP, Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary. They are a Glasgow-based, avant-garde black metal septet that explores “a foundational contempt for the poor and working class.” Hostile Architecture was released on July 18, 2022, via Aural Music.

Chat Pile - God's Country

Timestamp in episode: 01:36:42

The long-awaited debut record from Oklahoma City’s noise rock sludgsters, Chat Pile. We’ve been eagerly anticipating this one for the better part of a year. God’s Country was released via The Flenser on July 29, 2022.

Dawnwalker - House of Sand

Timestamp in episode: 01:46:47

The fourth studio album from the U.K.’s progressive metal project, Dawnwalker, helmed by Mark Norgate (guitarist in Sacred Son). This is quite a divergence from their 2020 LP, Ages, as it shores up chamber rock compositions. House of Sand was independently released on August 19, 2022.

WAKE - Thought Form Descent

Timestamp in episode: 01:56:11

The sixth studio album from Calgary’s monolithic death metal quintet, WAKE. They continue to broaden their deathgrind DNA into territories sweeping and enthralling. Thought Form Descent was released by Metal Blade Records on July 22, 2022.

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