Track Premiere: “Orión” by Sana Obruent

Just a few days before its official release, FCU brings you an early stream of Sana Obruent’s (Paul Lopez) latest track, “Orión”. It is inspired by the eerie voice recording of a male—supposedly Elvis Presley’s—who talked about the conspiracy of Elvis faking his own death. The title of the track relates to a famed Southern singer named Orion, who a number of people believed was a new guise created by Elvis used to escape the overwhelming pressure of fame.

Sana Obruent plays an ethereal style of experimental shoegaze that undulates in deeply emotional dark ambient drone. “Orión” is in a vein comparable to Paul’s monumental album, August, which dropped last summer. The track is monolithic in its slow, sepulchral unfurling, and the voice clip concluding it is haunting to say the least. Strangely, Elvis passed away in August 1977 and Paul’s record August is dedicated to a life lost much too soon, which began in August 1970 and sadly ended August 1983. In this sense, “Orión” sounds like a phantasmagoric and hair-raising continuation of Paul’s heartfelt release.

“Orión” will be officially released by Sana Obruent February 5, 2018. Thank you for listening.

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