Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 25 (Replicant, Isegrimm, Mylingar)


In episode twenty-five, we get ensnared within the oozing tech-death miasma of Replicant’s Negative Life. We trek across the majestic medieval expanses conjured on Isegrimm’s Der Herr Von Verona and we suffocate in the pestilent blackened death metal tomb of Mylingar’s Döda Drömmar.

Thank you so much for listening. Artist details and links are provided below. Let us know what you thought about each of these records and please feel free to leave us some album suggestions for future episodes.

1. Replicant - Negative Life

Genre: Technical death metal
Label: PRC Music
From: New Brunswick, NJ

2. Isegrimm - Der Herr Von Verona

Genre: Dungeon synth, Neofolk, Medieval, Ambient
Label: Self-released
From: Germany

3. Mylingar - Döda Drömmar

Genre: Blackened death metal
Label: Amor Fati Productions and Vigor Deconstruct/Fallen Empire Records
From: Sweden

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