#122 | Album Review | In Quantum – Memory 417


In Quantum is a cinematic dark ambient project helmed by Swedish producer and composer, Eric Peterson. A handful of months back, during July 2019, he debuted his project on the Cryo Chamber label with his LP Memory 417. However, this project of Eric’s has existed for many years prior to this release. Though it is not exactly known how far the lineage of this project goes back, we do know that In Quantum is a fresh name for an older project. Eric has been actively producing, crafting, recording, mixing, and mastering music since the late 80s. And for a time he was a member of several smaller industrial groups in Sweden.

It is worth mentioning Eric’s historied musical endeavors as so much of it seems to permeate Memory 417‘s fabric. Though I have not personally listened to the industrial groups of which he was a member, pulsations of this genre are heard and felt throughout his album’s run time. Memory 417 takes place in the early spring of 2074. A transhumanist revolution transpired and the megacorporations bought the people and their respective nations. Their autonomy claimed. There are few lucky enough to dwell within the towering structures of the megacorporations, but at the cost of being forever linked to a semantic network so as to control them like a hivemind: more intelligent than humans, but soulless.

The conceptual framework Memory 417 is built upon leaves us a faint sketch that we, the listeners, are able to shade in with our own ideas and stories. This record unfurls like a soundtrack for a movie that does not exist. Electronic beats and textures drizzle across the megacity, casting it in a cyberpunk haze. Several characters are introduced throughout the record’s duration; however, their dialogue is brief, allowing us to bask in Eric’s compositions in order to flesh out the actions and perceptions of each. There is much to dissect in Memory 417 and we hope you enjoy our exploration of it. Thank you for listening.

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You can acquire a physical (CD) or digital copy of Memory 417 via the Cryo Chamber Bandcamp page. There, you can stream the album too. The album is also available on Spotify. And if you’d like to glean a bit more insight on the mind behind In Quantum, you can read a few paragraphs about his backstory on the Cryo Chamber Label website.

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