#149 | EP Review | Chat Pile – Remove Your Skin Please


We’ve been on a decent black metal here kick as of late, but now that the biting winter weather is giving way to spring’s warm embrace, we thought it’d be appropriate to shift gears into some other timbres. Though we cannot call the album of today’s episode “warm”, it vastly differs from what we have discussed over the last couple of months. This is the second EP, Remove Your Skin Please, from the sludgy, Oklahoma City noise rock quartet, Chat Pile.

The date of Chat Pile’s genesis is not known to us but their debut EP, This Dungeon Earth, dropped in May 2019. Their tone is that of a trash compactor (I mean this in the best possible way), one that churns with disheveled cadence and sputters dissonant detritus. Bass notes, dripping with grease, slither through noxious bile and fumes of car exhaust, often worming its way to salvation by writhing in infectious grooves—sometimes a la The Jesus Lizard. Drums, cavernous and laden in slop, resonate like mangled mounds of rusted scrap metal. Infrequently double kicks fester. Riffs cycle between gloom-soaked atmospheres and entrail-glazed sludge. However, the coagulation of the instruments is rendered most repulsive by Chat Pile’s vocalist. Deranged is his deluge of unkempt rambling as he slurs words under his breath. Off-kilter barks, sneers, grunts, and wails spatter from his throat, leaving us in the lurch as to what psychotic utterances will be disgorged next.

These descriptions may be leaving the impression that Chat Pile sounds like heaps of trash being dumped on nameless country roadways. In a way, it kind of is, at least insofar that that is what their name means, but the lyrics and their maniacal delivery propel this noise rock vehicle of sardonic individuals forward. In this episode, we give some our “best” vocal impressions while dissecting the zany lyrics and endeavoring to make sense of their sound. We sincerely hope you enjoy our exchange; thank you so much for tuning in.

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You can acquire a digital copy of Remove Your Skin Please via Chat Pile’s Bandcamp page. Also, be sure to follow the quintet over on their Instagram to stay in the loop about new developments.

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