Ep. 10: A Conversation with Decline (Misanthropic Deluge of Bastard Feedback and Spiteful Metal from Pelham, Ontario)


Decline is an extreme metal band based in Pelham, Ontario. Helmed by producer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer, Jameson, Decline vomits disdain toward humanity upon the quiet town of Pelham and the larger Toronto landscape. The band’s first release was realized in the summer months of 2017 with a lone track,”Wretch”, being spewed into the ether. Shortly thereafter, they played a single basement show, wreaking havoc in the six-foot tall concrete cube on those gluttonous for punishment. The band then fell silent for a bit as Jameson exercised his drumming and bass playing in the haunting ambient doom project, Lovelace. Five months later, Jameson returned to Decline and churned out EP1—a destructive, ear drum ripping scythe of glass gargling vocals littered with repugnant feedback and troughs of rotten, grinding guitars. What’s impressive about this brief EP beyond its sheer anger is every instrument, every word retched was played and recorded by Jameson. This is not to say Decline is a solo project, but when the moment strikes for him to record, he will latch on to that ephemeral state and create. He recorded all of what you hear on EP1 in about 24 hours. No rest, no sleep.

Outside Decline and Lovelace, Jameson owns Woodcutter Studio, where he records, mixes, and masters albums for bands in the greater Ontario area. He’s assisted a handful of bands thus far and continues to cut his teeth on recording a wide swathe of sounds to sharpen his sensibilities and skills in the myriad of genres that co-exist in the world.

In this conversation, Jameson discusses the origin of Decline, his love for misanthropic music and bastard feedback, the raw, bitter sentiments underlying his lyrics, how attending loud and abrasive shows can dredge catharsis, and a good deal more. Thank you for listening.

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You can download digital copies of EP1 and “Wretch” off Decline’s Bandcamp page for free. If Lovelace sounds entrancing, you download their Demo and newly released single, “Bible Hvmper” for just a few bucks on their Bandcamp. Thank you so much for your continued support.

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