Ep. 9: A Quick Chat about “Rats In The Walls”


Plague of Carcosa was the band that pushed me to begin speaking with artists. Not just a simple exchange of messages or constant back and forth over email, but an actual conversation where we can discuss backgrounds, influences, and the passion that goes into making these musical endeavors a reality. A number of weeks ago, FCU debuted “Rats In The Walls” just one day ahead of its release and it generated some of the largest volumes of readers and listeners this site has seen since it was founded. After the dust settled somewhat post-release, I connected back with Plague of Carcosa to discuss how they sutured together such a heavy, brain battering, stoner-doom colossus.

This quick chat focuses on “Rats In The Walls”—the writing process, the recording process, all the time, frustration, and sweat that went into crafting this monolithic song. Thank you for listening.

You can download “Rats In The Walls” for free over at Plague of Carcosa’s Bandcamp.

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And thank you so much to Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for elevating the audio quality of this conversation.

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