Ep. 14: A Conversation with Seba and Lucien of MEDIUM (Ethereal Blackened Crust from Buenos Aires)


MEDIUM is a strangely refreshing composite of crust, d-beat, and black metal. Enshrouded in veils of mystical atmosphere, this Buenos Aires quartet traverses ethereal planes of existence unseen by human eyes. Founded not long ago by lead guitarist Seba, MEDIUM was birthed in the shadows of Argentina’s capital. Once words began trickling from the mouths of friends close to the band about their innovative sound, the outfit made their existence more well-known. Soon they placed their seven-song self-titled debut out into the ether. And after receiving rather hefty acclaim, MEDIUM began working with a (currently undisclosed) record label to help distribute their sound far beyond their local scene.

In this conversation, Seba and Lucien discuss the genesis of MEDIUM and how Seba conjured such an intriguing sound. They delve deeper into their respective backgrounds, describing their favorite bands that shaped them as musicians, and Lucien explores his fascinating lyrics, fleshing out the mystical vistas MEDIUM revels in so feverishly. Thank you for listening.

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While MEDIUM’s self-titled is not directly available at this time, you can listen to a couple tracks in the audio player above. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the official label release of their self-titled, which will hopefully be announced soon. Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering this audio.

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