Ep. 15: A Conversation with Gautier of YATTAÏ (Frenetic Grinding Crust from France)


Gautier is YATTAÏ’s larynx shredder. Founded back around 2004/2005, the belligerent five piece unleashed their demo upon the French underground. Their focus was to concoct distilled grindcore and nothing more. In those early years, Gautier did not write lyrics; he’d snarl, grunt, and gnash his teeth, writhing among the frenetic drum beats and skin-shredding riffs. Post-demo, YATTAÏ released five splits with close friends in other extreme metal groups—most of them grindcore—they shared dilapidated stages with across France. It was not until late 2007 YATTAÏ put out their first LP, Alive and Lovin’. What followed were two more LPs, Fast Music Means Love and 50 Love Hymns for Grindheads, the latter being a compilation of all the band’s output through 2011. Since Love Hymns, YATTAÏ has put out four more splits, the most recent being Six Stab Wounds, where they and five other bands produced around six songs apiece for thirty-nine songs in total. And in the not so distant future, another split lurks.

All of these splits over the years embody the essence of YATTAÏ—have fun with friends, play fast music, and party at every show. And this core still persists despite the tumultuous line-up changes the group has experienced since its birth. Only two original members remain in YATTAÏ, Gautier and William (the band’s guitarist and principal songwriter), and at this moment they carry on as a three-piece with Thibault being the band’s drummer. Since Thibault’s recruitment, the group has adapted their sound and style, boiling their tempos down to a crustier, more brooding flavor. And as a result, they have become more concise in delivering brutal slugs of dissonance.

In this conversation, Gautier discusses YATTAÏ’s early years, the essence of the band and what being in the band means to him, how they have adapted their sound, and a good deal more. Thank you for listening.

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You can infinitely stream all of YATTAI’s tunes over at their Bandcamp page and download them for free as well. If you are interested in film, you can check out Gautier’s portfolio at the following web address. Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering the audio.

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