Ep. 16: A Conversation with Figgy of Lovelace (Soul Smashing, Ambient-Laden Gloom from St. Catherines)


Lovelace is an ambient-laden doom trio from St. Catherines, Ontario helmed by vocalist and guitarist Figgy. In 2017 she embarked on a musical endeavor to explore her inner self and revel in some uncomfortable, shell-breaking moments necessary for growth as an artist. Her sound began with only acoustics in mind, but it soon flourished into crushing doom with help from Jameson of Pelham-based Decline. Figgy went to Woodcutter Studio one summer day, a bit unsure of how her voice would spill out as she had not sang in front of close friends before. But when the moment came to record, she grasped, for a moment, a shard of her essence and poured out her words in phantom tones. This resulted in Lovelace’s frigid yet lustrous three-song demo, which was placed into the ether early August 2017.

Since their debut, Lovelace has played a myriad of shows across St. Catherines and the larger Ontario area. In mid February 2018 they put out a new track, “Bible Hvmper”, which is featured in the beginning of this conversation. And at this moment, the three-piece is working tirelessly to craft their first LP with no particular release date in mind (though we can hope it will see the gloom of day later this year).

In this conversation Figgy discusses her early footsteps taken to create Lovelace, explores the meaning behind some of her lyrics, describes the ephemeral bliss and personal growth from playing before an audience for the first time, and a good deal more. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can stream Lovelace’s Demo as well as their latest track, “Bible Hvmper”, over at their Bandcamp page. Follow them on Facebook as well as Instagram for news related to upcoming shows as well as new tracks. Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering the audio of this conversation.

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