Ep. 24: A Conversation with Malevich (Angular, Disorienting Blackened Grinding Hardcore from Atlanta)


Malevich is a blackened hardcore/grindcore quartet from Atlanta, GA. That genre descriptor does fall a bit short, though. Irregular infusions of sludge and angular song structures that conjure a disorienting yet brutal cudgeling of sound, this group is perpetually focused on challenging listeners whilst eviscerating them. This is evident in their two new tracks, “Trial of Metaphor” and “Causality”, which comprise one side of their new split with Iron Gag—a filthy neo-crust outfit from New Hampshire-Massachusetts. With a new vocalist in their fold and an invigorating propensity to push their compositions into strange, uncharted territory, this split is a stepping stone—a microcosmic evolution in sound—between their debut LP, Only the Flies, and where they are forging ahead. Malevich is plunging deeper for their new LP, and when they arise, their sound will be a colossus towering over the work that set them off on their journey.

In this conversation, Malevich discuss the early formation of the outfit and how their sound has evolved from Only the Flies to their new split. They illuminate their respective influences, talk about how they’ve crafted such a fascinating and unforgiving sound, and also explore the themes and concepts underlying their lyrics. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can stream Malevich’s side of their split with Iron Gag over at their Bandcamp page; the download for these two tracks is free as well. If you’re a vinylhead, 7″ can be purchased for pre-order right now; if you’re tape fiend, you can grab one now off their page.

You can also follow Malevich on Facebook and Instagram for news related to progress on upcoming music, shows, and tours. Thank you Kyle at Ash & Dust Studio for mastering the audio for this conversation.

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