Tired Lord’s ‘DEMO’ (FCU002) Now Available

Tired Lord is a black metal band from San Francisco that infuse their malignant, atmospheric structures with elements of sludge and death metal. This is their four song demo and it is likely their only release. Bryce Olson, the brainchild and primary riff composer for Tired Lord, recruited a handful of musicians to bring his vision to life: James Henderson on vocals, Lobo on drums, and Van Labrakis on bass and lead guitar. The demo was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Van sometime in 2017 and it was released on Bandcamp by Bryce in early October 2017. It was not made downloadable, however. Bryce allowed us to feature one of Tired Lord’s tracks on the From Corners Unknown Compilation Vol. I, which dropped early 2018, and soon thereafter, he and his fellow musicians gave us the go ahead to make these cassettes.

This release is limited to 30 hand-numbered copies. Each cassette was professionally dubbed on high bias tape and their shells are pad-printed on both sides, which include the band name, the side number, and the From Corners Unknown logo.

You can stream Tired Lord’s demo to your heart’s content either on the From Corners Unknown Records Bandcamp page or over at our YouTube page. Thank you so much for your support.

Tired Lord – ‘DEMO’ Ltd. Edition Cassette

High-bias, professionally-dubbed cassette; pad print of Tired Lord’s logo on the cassette; each copy hand-numbered. Edition of 30. Price includes shipping.

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