Ep. 26: A Conversation with The Coma Calling (Vibrantly Melancholic Downtempo from Wichita)


The Coma Calling is an experimental downtempo/electronica project helmed by Kyle Cramb. A native to Wichita, Kansas, Kyle’s interest in music began at a rather young age where he picked up guitar around 13 years old. A few years later, Kyle met his best friend Andrew Stephens (Scattered Lodges), whom he would later go on to produce music with as ills—a grimy downtempo duo—and who would also become the mainstay graphic designer for his The Coma Calling albums. It was not until years after this friendship formed that Kyle acquired his first DAW. And from there, his experimenting, his composing, snowballed.

Kyle’s project was established about twelve years ago, in 2006. Since its founding, he has released but a small collection of digital EPs and just this year, he dropped his first LP titled The Howling Family. Just one month prior to this LP’s release, Kyle teamed up with Scattered Lodges to explore raw ambient soundscapes. Deemed Overlap, this split pushed Kyle to dabble in simpler structures and claw deep into the emotional foundations which comprise his much denser, more traditional, compositions. Though his output overall is rather brief, each of his releases are compact with intricate layers and replete with swathes of skin-tingling atmosphere.

In this conversation, Kyle discusses the early beginnings of his musical experimentation and how he founded The Coma Calling. He then describes some of the specific tracks off The Howling Family, the stories underlying them, and he explores the depths of his split release Overlap. There’s much more to glean in this conversation; thank you so much for listening.

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You can peruse Kyle’s The Coma Calling output at his artist Bandcamp page. You can also follow his project on Facebook to stay up to date on releases and absorb morsels of insights related to specific tracks. Thank you Kyle (Ash & Dust Studio) for mastering this episode’s audio.

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