Ep. 36: Unity, Vol. I | am.OS and The Corrupted Children (with Randal Collier-Ford)


In anticipation of Randal Collier-Ford’s second trilogy to surface on Cryo Chamber in the years ahead, he and I found it an intriguing idea, an exploratory exercise, to dive into the lore he has been so meticulously crafting since his album, Dark Corners. The first record of this trilogy, entitled Advent, does not yet have a firm (or disclosed) release date, though it is near completion, and just a few weeks ago he released¬†am.OS Season One. This EP marks the origins, an introduction for listeners, to the AI protagonist at the center of Randal’s new trilogy. It also provides us a glimpse into the evolution in Randal’s sound. Where a number of his past works were firmly grounded in ritualistic ambient with tendrils of industrial and neoclassical elements pouring through, Season One ports us into electronic-industrial domains assimilated with chillingly deep atmospheric undercurrents. And it is with this first season as well as Advent where our mini-series, Unity, begins.

Unity encapsulates oneness, a pivotal theme comprising the foundation of Randal’s new trilogy. In a review I wrote for Season One, I articulated some fragments of lore and touched on the overarching concept and story of Advent. To summarize just a slice of that review, there is a formless deity beyond the confines of time that is on a death march across the cosmos and it is reverting the universe, as we humans understand it, back to its original, uncorrupted state: unified and one. Expounding upon this rather cryptic statement would take well over tens of thousands of words to articulate here, thus herein lies the reason for Unity’s existence. It is worth nothing the theme of unity is not merely exclusive to this deity, but it is woven intricately throughout each dimension of Randal’s storytelling, as you will learn in Volume I. There is much to digest, much to lose yourself in, but as this series progresses, we hope you come away with a clearer understanding of what is being constructed in Randals’ records.

This first volume punctures am.OS’s mainframe and divulges how am.OS came to be, what purpose it serves, and how it begins to fail protecting humanity. It also explores the concept of corruption, the deity promulgating it, and how earth is slowly being consumed by this ultramundane rot. Thank you so much for listening. We hope you enjoy the journey.

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Though Advent is still a little ways off, you can dive into Randal’s discography on his artist Bandcamp page. Here you can listen to Season One in full as well as all of his previous releases.

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