#96 | Interview | Zombie Holocaust (Bay Area Thrash)


The Bay Area band Zombie Holocaust is a whirlwind of thrash metal mixed with the delectable twist of hardcore, death metal, punk and what I like to call party metal! Melodic guitars jam out with an old school thrash inspiration. Vocals yell and chant comedic lyrics of drinking, smoking and having a radical time. Bass and drums break out to the forefront and take you on grooves of intensity  Each member takes inspiration from their favorite genres and incorporates them into the band flawlessly.

Forming in 2006 the five-piece band released the crushing thrash album Strike Force in 2009. With tracks consisting of warfare, zombies and even Boba Fett. In the year 2013, their second full-length album Entitled to Enlightenment was brought to this world. An enthusiastic rambunctious album full of positivity, bravery and once again having a great time!

In this conversation, I talk to Nicolas Gomez the vocalist of Zombie Holocaust. Nick is also a friend of mine and a fellow man of the film lighting world. We talk about the founding of the band, the writing process and dive into some of the stand out tracks. Nicolas is also chock-full of personal tales involving members of Bay Area metal legends from such acts as Slayer, Vio-lence, Testament and more. We talk in great length about his hero/inspiration the bass legend Cliff Burton (Metallica) who shared the same hometown of Castro Valley with Nick. He also talks about his involvement with Cliff Burton Day, Slaughter by the Water Festival and a random Machine Head music video he worked on and ended up acting in.

Due to my audio ignorance, I had some technical difficulties when recording this episode. This resulted in a good chunk of my audio being unusable. I had to rerecord in my own audio to the conversation. If anything sounds off, that would be why!

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You can find Zombie Holocaust at their BandcampFacebook, and Instagram (@zhrocks) to follow any updates with the band.

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