#97 | Brief Album Reviews | Tulip, Lurid Panacea, Black to Comm, AORATOS


Welcome to a new, semi-frequent podcast series where myself and Tim Harbour (who also writes reviews for From Corners Unknown) provide brief reviews of albums we’ve discovered across the vast Bandcamp landscape. This series is intended to be a counterpart to the in-depth album reviews Connor and I host here on the site. Given Connor’s generally hectic schedule and my unquenchable thirst for discussing litanies of new albums, I figured this brief album review series would be a pleasant excursion from the in-depth reviews and provide some extra album recommendations we enjoy making here at From Corners Unknown. Album reviews between Connor and myself will continue to trickle out. This series is merely intended to offer you all a couple of extra releases to sink your teeth into.

Tim possesses quite a vibrant background. He writes riffs, lyrics, and plays guitar in the South African doom band, Mad God, and he also crafts lo-fi videogame tunes under the moniker Jump Ship. Beyond these projects, his day job entails teaching music and for his thesis, he analyzed the nature of interactive videogame soundtracks in indie games, specifically Journey, Fez, and Braid, which you will learn a bit about in the introduction of this episode.

Though we do not have an established frequency of publication for this podcast, the intent is to provide some relatively brief insights into albums we feel compelled to illuminate. We spend somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes on each record, highlight qualities we enjoyed as well as qualities we were not necessarily fond of. With this being said, we have provided links to each of the albums we discuss in order of appearance. The time code following each artist name and album title indicates the approximate time our discussion begins of said album. We sincerely hope you enjoy this series. Thank you so much for listening.

1. Tulip Tulip (19:42)

Genre: Experimental Grindcore / Synthpop
Label: Self-released
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

2. Lurid Panacea The Insidious Poisons (35:00)

Genre: Deathgrind
Label: Goatgrind Records
From: Melbourne & Kentucky

3. Black to Comm Seven Horses for Seven Kings (49:33)

Genre: Experimental Electronic / Psychedelic
Label: Thrill Jockey Records
From: Hamburg, Germany

4. AORATOS Gods Without Name (1:07:15)

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
From: Monument, Colorado

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