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Adam is the drummer and a vocalist in the sludgy, blues-imbued hardcore duo, Crowfeeder. He also owns and operates the Constant Disappointment Record label. Crowfeeder has existed for close to a decade now, though Adam and guitarist/vocalist/bassist Derek did not settle on the name until about six years ago. From there, the duo began forging songs that would eventually culminate into their debut LP, No Flowers, which released back in March 2017. The time to piece this album together took close to five years. And when the tracks were completed and the vinyl layout began to take shape, Adam knew he wanted to associate their album with a label, even if that label did not exist. This led to him penning the sentence “This is CONSTANT DISAPPOINTMENT RECORDS number 01” on the No Flowers vinyl inserta homage to a band Adam cherishes, Unloved.

Selecting this label initially served, in Adam’s mind, as a name to release all future Crowfeeder records under. But about one year later, some good friends of his in the band Knock Over City were preparing to release a new album titled it’s bad, dude. Though Adam did not have much semblance regarding the intricacies of running a label, he reached out and asked if they would like Constant Disappointment to publish it for them. And from there, the label transitioned from merely a name to one with a nascent, albeit soon to tumefy discography.

2019 marks a year of EPs from the label. With last year’s LP Everything Is Pornography If You’ve Got An Imagination from the grindy outsider hardcore outfit Intercourse and February’s LP AWARENESS from the power slop quintet Aneurysm, Constant Disappointment is focusing on several briefer releases for the remaining months of this year. Intercourse is tying the threads together on a new EP, Heavy Metaa chunky, math-laden metallic quartetmarked their debut with their self-titled EP, and Bystander—a gloomy, noisy post-hardcore outfit—recently dropped their EP, Nothing Matters. Additionally, no promises have been made at this time, but it is possible that some new Crowfeeder tracks will see the light of day this year.

In this conversation, Adam speaks in-depth about Crowfeeder, its formation, No Flowers, as well as their song writing process. He then expands upon Crowfeeder to illuminate the genesis of Constant Disappointment Records. How he selects the bands he brings under the label’s wings and the aesthetic he seeks to strike is also expounded upon. There’s a good deal more I could type out here about what we discussed in this podcast, but I’ll leave the remaining morsels of insight for you to digest. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can peruse Constant Disappointment Record’s roster and discography on their Bandcamp page. Be sure to follow them on Facebook as well as Instagram to stay in the loop about new releases from the label and shows if you’re local to the New England area.

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