Ep. 43: A Conversation with Duncan Park (Droning Psychedelic Folk, Krautrock, and Lo-Fi Black Metal)

In episode forty-three, Duncan Park (Listeriosis, Return to Worm Mountain) delves into each of his projects and discusses what he has learned from them. He speaks about how he came into contact with extreme metal, his love for drone, and how his compositional approach has evolved as he works with more musicians.

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Voices From Corners Unknown, Ep. 23 (Worm Monolith, Tongue Party, Allogenic)

In episode twenty-three, we languish in the dreary harsh noise auras erected by Worm Monolith, we seek reprieve from our monotonous existence via the unfettered noise rock energy promulgated in Tongue Party’s Looking for a Painful Death, and we traverse the night sky with Allogenic’s Rites of Fear, stepping into its experimental electronic portal to explore the occult secrets lying beyond.

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