#105 | Album Review | Heavy Meta – Heavy Meta


Heavy Meta is a ferocious concoction of mathcore and hardcore infused with shots of progressive inclinations and black metal animosity. It’s a flavor that you need to experience for yourself as words will struggle to articulate the heftiness of their tone and their frenetic, indelible grooves. Hailing from Lowell, MA, the quartet dropped their debut, self-titled EP via Constant Disappointment Records in May 2019. And with this release, we are potentially observing a tempest sweep across the label’s discography as the grit seeping from Heavy Meta’s pores is nothing short of experiencing a sledgehammer caving in your skull.

In this episode, we dissect each of the EP’s four tracks. From the piercing shrieks of the vocalist, who weaves together venomous tales that seemingly transpire in a fantastical medieval realm, to the relentless cudgeling of the serpentine bass, we revel in the berserk bloodlust spurting from Heavy Meta. There are several enjoyable derailments from Connor in this episode too… something akin to flesh-consuming aquatic plants and botanical, seafaring pirates; however, we’ll leave these morsels nondescript so you can discover them. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can grab a digital copy or a cassette of Heavy Meta’s self-titled EP via their Bandcamp page. Follow Heavy Meta on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the quartet.

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