#107 | Album Review | Amon Amarth – Berserker


In this latest album review podcast, we break character a bit to discuss the renown Swedish melodic death metal quintet, Amon Amarth. This is driven, in part, by Connor’s storied history listening to this band of vikings; however, our desire to envelop ourselves in the atmosphere of sweltering, steel-forging furnaces stems primarily from roping in a lifelong friend of Connor’s (and a good friend of mine), Dillon, into one of our reviews. It is safe to say that us covering a more well-known outfit is, more or less, a one-off occurrence, but if you do enjoy the synergy of our three voices, please let us know and we will make efforts in the future to have Dillon back on.

Berserker is the eleventh full-length studio album from Amon Amarth, released via Metal Blade Records. Though it is not a concept album like their previous effort, Jomsviking, Berserker focuses on several dimensions of viking mythology with the artwork hearkening to the Bersker at Stamford Bridge. Be it the soaring melodies grounded by gravelly rasps or the wind-whipped onslaughts of steel crushing bone, Amon Amarth port us to the biting, primitive landscapes of yore and imbue in us a keen sense of valiance and wanderlust. We sincerely hope you enjoy this review as we had a blast piecing it together. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can acquire a digital or physical copy of Berserker via Amon Amarth’s website.

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