#106 | Interview | Dysphoria (Scathing Harsh Noise Wall)


Dysphoria is a devastating harsh noise endeavor helmed by North Carolina denizen, Ashley Jane. Before this project came to be, she dabbled in noise experiments under the guise of Putrid Existence; however, this project was short-lived. Almost immediately after its termination though did Ashley begin to embrace the struggles of seeking and subsequently striking a sound that is raw and simultaneously grimy. And through this noise revelry she slathered together four scathing tracks beneath the umbrage of Salt & Piss.

Ashley notes that much of the oppressive atmosphere percolating in Salt & Piss takes inspiration from David Lynch’s Eraserhead. The graveyards of twisted metal with husks of abandoned industrial spires roasting beneath a washed out black and white pallor; the clash of human terror grating against cosmic indifference; so much of this film’s atmosphere is crystallized in Salt & Piss and for added malaise, Ashley stitches in her own personal strife. “Throbbing Ulcers” relates to her prior over abundant alcohol consumption and “Suffer Through Every Fucking Failure” articulates the aftermath and emotional turmoil of an intimate relationship’s cessation.

Since Salt & Piss‘s release, Ashley has, for lack of a better term, been on a tear of sonic outpouring. Shortly after this interview transpired, she founded the Noise Corner, which is a weekly show that reviews new noise, power electronics, and harsh noise releases, whilst doubly serving as a platform for her to tinker with new textures in an improvisational setting. In addition to this, she has a new conceptual two-track album titled Falling // Apart set for release this July. Where Salt & Piss is more a repugnant mosaic seething and crackling with odorous discharge, Falling // Apart fleshes out a blossoming romance between two lovers that spirals into entropy.

In this conversation, Ashley discusses the origins of Dysphoria. She expounds upon her early explorations of noise and discusses how these experiments eventually culminated into Salt & Piss. Additionally, she sheds an opaque light on Falling // Apart, providing us some morsels to digest in the time leading up to its release. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can peruse Ashley’s Dysphoria discography over at her Bandcamp page. Additionally, you can check our her newest endeavor, Noise Corner, over on her Noise Corner dedicated Instagram page; there, she posts new video snippets every week, where you can listen to the full show over at her YouTube page.

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