#109 | Album Review | GRIZZLOR – COOLNESS FACTOR 6


GRIZZLOR is a madcap noise rock trio from New Haven, CT. Harnessing grisly morsels from punk and sludge, the outfit embraces zaniness in the form of conceptual frameworks that articulate a rambunctious sci-fi aesthetic. This was not wholly apparent to us on the first EP of theirs that graced our respective ears, FIVE WASTED YEARS; however, with their latest EP, COOLNESS FACTOR 6, we are fully vested in GRIZZLOR’s cosmic wayfaring and their subsequent obliteration of an alien species (depicted on the EP’s artwork).

In this episode, we originally set out to create a compact review (one that is under half an hour). This proved to be challenging, however, as there was much to dissect in this EP’s sub-10-minute run time. So while we intended for this review to be succinct, it ended up being quadruple the length of the EP. Regardless, we do hope you enjoy this one as it’s teeming with wanderlust and an insatiable thirst for locating a galaxy that, in GRIZZLOR’s words, doesn’t fucking suck. Grab your makeshift wrenches and welding torches to keep this disheveled crew’s craft afloat as we strike murderous warp speed. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can acquire a digital or physical copy (7″ vinyl) via GRIZZLOR’s Bandcamp page. Follow the trio on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop on new developments.

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