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POUND is a two-piece instrumental brigade from Seattle, WA. Their style is a caustic amalgam of doom, grindcore, d-beat, djent, mathcore, sludge, and a smattering of other genre textures. While this blend of sounds on the surface may sound like a trainwreck, the duo effortlessly weaves the core essence of each genre into a rather novel tone. Frosty, indifferent pangs of doom call to mind Admiral Angry and skronky grooves a la mathcore unearth delectably dissonant respites found across the genre’s ever-expanding wealth of atonal output.

In this episode, we submerge ourselves in the intoxicating murk pouring from POUND’s second effort, ••. Energetic are the duo’s compositions as they seamlessly transition from breakneck onslaughts of grind-splattered mathcore to frostbitten doom throes to skull-caving veins of sludge. It’s challenging to keep up with the voraciousness of POUND as they seldom rest on a riff or timbre for more than several seconds at a time, but it is this quality that warrants repeat listens. Moreover, this quality renders •• a disorienting listen that cudgels as often as it rewards with passages that invigorate. So feel free to keep a tally on how often Connor says “pound” in this episode and revel in the hysteria that is POUND. Thank you so much for listening.

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You can acquire a digital copy of •• via POUND’s Bandcamp page. There, you can also grab a vinyl if you feel so inclined.

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