#145 | Album Review | TEETH – The Curse of Entropy


TEETH is a dissonant death metal band from the southern reaches of California. Though the exact time frame in which they formed is uncertain, they debuted their spew of repugnant misanthropy in November 2014 with their LP, Remittance. A couple of years later came their split with the sludgy doom trio, Fister; however, the quartet’s output seemed to slow after its release as their sophomore effort, The Curse of Entropy, did not drop until November 2019.

The Curse of Entropy is an aural bloodbath of cosmic proportions that severs, masticates, and dissolves every ligament, every iota of bone comprising your corporeal form. It’s the sound of secreting sores, of dripping necrotic flesh. Clocking in at a succinct 30 minutes, Entropy‘s ten incantations ravage veins. They inundate with dregs of pus, which, in spasms, degrade tempos to a doomy slog, though these wavering glimmers of grooving despondency are ephemeral. Unremitting blast beats and discordant riffs crown the astral array of gnashing incisors. In convulsions, the strings twitch in atmospheric ecstasy, reveling in starfields arcane like a hallucinatory vision of some inconceivable horror watching us from the vacuum of space. All the while, fiendish gurgles disgorge from the vocalist’s esophagus and glaze the cavalcade of mauling instrumentation in acrid plasma. Entropy is an utmost fetid affair and we sincerely hope you enjoy our dissection of it. Thank you so much for tuning in.

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You can acquire a digital copy of The Curse of Entropy via the Translation Loss Records Bandcamp page. Physical copies (LPs specifically) are sold out at the time of this writing; however, there is a pre-order available for CDs if that’s your thing. Also, be sure to follow the quartet on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on news from their camp.

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