#169 | Track Reviews | Necrot, Black Palm, Voidbloom, Powerman 5000, Shifting, and Imperial Triumphant


Welcome to yet another track reviews episode. This is a sub-series where Derek, Connor, and myself select six tracks, EPs, or splits, to chat about in a format more relaxed than our usual weekly album review podcast episodes. No genre theme or gimmick is adhered to here. In this episode, we ramble about Necrot’s grisly cast of molting death metal, the blistering mathcore neuroses spilling from Voidbloom’s The Tongues of God, worming bass lines smothered in belly-button hair from Dublin-based noise-rockers Shifting, and the opulent decay of metropolises as reflected by avant-garde mask adorners, Imperial Triumphant. A myriad of other tonal qualities permeate the discussion, but we’ll leave those remaining timbres for you to discover.

We hope you find at least one of the tracks or EPs discussed here intriguing. Below you will find embed players to peruse each piece in full, in addition to social media links and some other cursory details. If you have some suggestions for tracks, EPs, or splits for us to review in this series, please feel to send them along to us at fromcornersunknown@gmail.com, or reach out to us on the various social media platforms where we exist. Send us the strangest and most outlandish music you can find! Thank you so much for tuning in.

1. Necrot - "Stench of Decay"

Label: Tankcrimes
Genre: Death metal / Crust
From: Oakland, CA

2. Black Palm - Ennui

Label: Self-released
Genre: Progressive metal / Chaotic hardcore
From: Worcester, MA

3. Voidbloom - The Tongues of God

Label: Self-released
Genre: Mathcore / Progressive metal
From: New England

4. Powerman 5000 - "Black Lipstick"

Label: Cleopatra Records
Genre: Alternative
From: Massachusetts

5. Shifting - "Spudgasm"

Label: Permafrost, Marmoud Gabuasso Whosbrain Records, and Constant Disappointment Records
Genre: Noise rock
From: Dublin

6. Imperial Triumphant - "Rotted Futures"

Label: Century Media Records
Genre: Avant-garde, Progressive metal
From: New York City

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You can snag digital copies of each track, EP, or split above by visiting the hyperlinks to each label’s respective Bandcamp page.

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