#175 | Album Review | Cryptic Shift – Visitations From Enceladus


Greetings interstellar travelers of the void. With this episode, we transmit to you Cryptic Shift’s debut LP, Visitations from Enceladus. Coined as “phenomenal technological astrodeath,” this intelligent sci-fi-themed album is quite the space trek. Ryan and I enjoyed reading the complex lore crafted within the lyrics as the sound waves immolated our cerebrums. From inter-dimensional space travel to celestial ancient space beings, I note several times how I could read a whole book on this content. Throw in some atmospheric laser guitar riffs, warped bass grooves, theatrical growls, and asteroid pulverizing drums, and you got yourself one galaxy-obliterating album.

Cryptic Shift is a four-piece that hails from Leeds, United Kingdom. They first transmitted us earthlings an EP titled Beyond The Celestial Realms  in 2016. Establishing themselves within the sci-fi-driven theme, they then released another EP, Cosmic Dreams, in 2017. This release starts the immense space-traveling venture we see in Visitations From Enceladus. The band crafts a monolithic variety of genres and sounds such as aggressive thrash metal, grooving progressive instrumentals, and bleak atmospheric landscapes. These are just a few fragments within this wide-ranging album that will leave you withered in the vacuum of space by the end. Man, existing as a frozen space raisin would make a quality concept album.

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You can purchase the digital transmissions at Cryptic Shift’s Bandcamp. Get yourself one of the stellar t-shirts and physical forms of the album at Big Cartel. Keep up on their social media at Facebook and Instagram. This album taught me that Enceladus is a moon of Saturn, as well as a giant in Greek mythology, but man does it make me crave enchiladas when I see that title!

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Coming up in the next episode, we tackle the angular monstrosity of Imperial Triumphant’s Alphaville. Till the next time, drift on into the void listeners!

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