#201 | Album Review | Zeit – Self-Titled


How goes it confidants of the void? I know there’s a quality Golden Girls rock cover, but my god a Golden Girlsthemed hardcore band would be that golden turd of my dreams. Anyway, this week Ryan and I engage in conversation about the Italian chaotic hardcore monsters known as Zeit (every time I read that name my dumbass wants to say ZEET). We talk about their latest ripper of a Self-Titled release as well as the usual random maddening tangents, such as mayo cube urine, lice, razor-filled pool noodle beatdowns (fictional), and childhood soda can hailing dodgeball games. I also get a little too excited about a track named “The Piss”. I bet there’s a Bilbo Baggins reference needlessly injected into the episode too! Hobbit hardcore would be a stellar subgenre. Betty White could fill in for both bands.

We once again struggle to describe the instrumentals in this project with our musician-less brains, but man does this quartet deliver something exhilarating. The vocalist has been compared to Jacob Bannon of Converge due to his non-stop high-pitched yelps as he doesn’t relent for the majority of the album’s brief runtime—just kick you in the keister and spit on your face pissed. I must say the lyrics are pretty neat to dissect too. The guitar tone is something else entirely. It has this sharpened, off-kilter mathcore twinge to it, yet it’s rife with maleficent zaniness. You’ll have to listen to the episode or album to comprehend it as words fail to articulate it succinctly. The bass and drums also protrude with hefty-hefty-hefty frequencies (a Glad trash bag sponsor would be pretty fitting for this episode). They will brain-blast your noggin off in perfect unison with every other chaotic element seeping from Zeit’s instruments. Lastly, this was a totally random Spotify find on my part that I will happily continue to listen to as we trudge forward toward our demise.

Zeit originates from Venice, Italy and they formed in 2014. Since then, they have dropped several releases, including ZOE BIOS (2014 EP), The World is Nothing (2015 LP), and Monument (2016 LP). After a brief hiatus, the SelfTitled album came out September 24th, 2020. I hope you all enjoy what you hear!

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You can check out Zeit’s Self-Titled LP release via their Bandcamp page. Go ahead and purchase the album digitally or try to obtain some physical products (unfortunately, it looks pretty sold out and I want a shirt)! You can also follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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